The Daily Update…(late)

So, yesterday the sun came out. It was the warmest day of the year so far, but that didn’t take much doing. This winter had been cold and damp. The skies had never made any serious attempt to turn blue, preferring their uniform grey. Because of the ironic upturn in the weather, I did my... Continue Reading →


I was in the netherworld of my dreams and the grim construct of Hansel was before me. I could not escape any of this, even when I had a head-start. Why, why, why did I have to be here? It felt as if I had been strapped to a wheel, one of my bike wheels... Continue Reading →

Before the audition…

I think they call it the Green Room. It’s a place in television production where actors or performers prepare themselves for the show that is to come. The room in which I was asked to wait was green. I was one of many acts to present themselves before the staff on that day. There were... Continue Reading →

For Mum…

I wrote this some time ago before the future became the present, and soon-to-be past. In the next few days, my own mother will pass. I always wanted to write about her and the life that she had lived. In the end, the only things I have written are in note form. When she dies... Continue Reading →

Recycling Old Selves…

So, after becoming a benign cast member of The Walking Dead, I was a happy soul if one considers happiness to be born out of indifference. Actually, that’s not fully correct. One could never be carefree or indifferent if one lived opposite a neighbour whose right wing views, privileged past, and belief in men having... Continue Reading →

Writing Competitions…

I'm currently in the mood for a few writing competitions as I think this is a way of sharpening up my act and getting the pitch/summary stuff together. So far, two have gone off into the ether and a third is in the offing. I did, however, notice another competition that was interesting but probably... Continue Reading →

April 19th?

This has become a special date for me as last year I caused my self a whole cargo of injuries that almost led to my unscheduled demise. Demise ia a nice way of saying dead. The good thing was that I didn't die - I came close to it, but just managed to avoid it... Continue Reading →

Digital Narrators.

The other day, I started to play about with the new Anchor podcasting platforms and I have been having some fun. Okay, so the only voices available are a male and a female, both not out of place on the deck of Star Trek, but it does help to hear the stories. My favourite one... Continue Reading →

Lovely, Dark and Deep…

There is nothing safe about the woods. They are the deepest secrets, the most guarded truths, and our most obdurate confessions. The woods were lonely, dark and deep and they had a promise to keep.  She had asked me to save the boy, the boy who had struck her down without remorse – she had... Continue Reading →

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