Cycling and Bonking

This morning saw me bonking. It's not how it sounds. But what is the bonk? The simple explanation for its occurrence is that long-endurance exercise depletes the body’s store of glycogen, which produces the energy required to maintain performance. When the glycogen depletes entirely, the body has no more fuel and instead burns fat, resulting... Continue Reading →

Something there is that does not love a wall…

I spent several days with him, cycling and drinking, talking and cycling. Although his bike fitness wasn’t fully there, it was still enough to pull me along. We went along coastal routes, alongside pristine beaches, and through forests that were the haunt to the British Royal family. My initial impression was that Wales was wonderful.... Continue Reading →

Giro or Tour?

I have recently enjoyed some interesting reading about these two great cycling events. The Giro d'Italia is the less famous race and has been compared to a an intimate gig in a bar as opposed to the giant stadium show that is the Tour. Cycling has risen in popularity in recent years; that's an understatement... Continue Reading →

Time-Lord Travel

Into the sun So I took my own advice and headed out into the afternoon sunshine. It's been unseasonably warm in soon to be BREXIT Britain, perhaps as a result of some beneficial trade deal our Queen of the Daleks has struck up with the Cybermen. Anyway, things were worse during the Time-Lord Wars so... Continue Reading →

On Your Bike…

Reasons why: Top ten reasons you should get on your bike Leave the car and breathe less pollution, improve your memory and save time 1. Save time Research shows that commuting by bike takes approximately half the time of driving at rush hour plus you'll be more productive at work - employees who exercise before work or... Continue Reading →

Theft and the Tragic Cycle

  The thing about coincidences is that they do tend to happen, if only by coincidence. Take my daughter's bike for example; as somebody did the other day. In the great pantheon of stealing, bike theft comes in at a very low ranking. If Aristotle was to pronounce upon it, he would state that bikes... Continue Reading →

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