Exercism Daily…

Sunday morning has come around again; much too quickly. It came with two possibilities: a passive, meaningless stretch of twenty-four hours or a moment seized and gently squeezed of its goodness. We chose the latter. After a two year battle with the world, I appear to be content. Contentment is so different from its superficial cousin,... Continue Reading →

More Is Less…

This month has seen my adventures take me from an innocent cycle ride to a hospital continuing its functions in the face of Covid 19. Fortunately for my neck of the woods, Covid has pretty poor map-reading skills and a terrible sense of organisation. I wonder if this is the case with all pandemics. Anyway... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Betrayal…

I watched The Godfather when it was first shown on television in the 1970s. I watched it with my father.  My father was a man who was liked by many people. His standing amongst his peers was peerless. At his funeral, my uncle, Dad's older brother, broke down and sobbed. My sister's sobbed, my mother... Continue Reading →

Another Teacher…

Since lockdown began I have been working in school once a week, looking after the children of key workers, and the most vulnerable or disadvantaged children. This has usually meant a team of three to four staff “looking after” and trying to “teach” a group of 15 to 20 children, aged between three and 11.... Continue Reading →

Fool Proof Path To Success…

Being an individual in a culture that prizes the group over all else is difficult. There have been times when I thought it to be impossible. Even so, I pulled away from the general gravity and tried to free-step into a space where few had gone before. A little Captain Tiberius Kirk, eh? But it... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…37

Her big head appeared before men. Hubble bubble, I was in trouble. I had been caught in the act. The urine was already cooling around me and no longer offered any comfort. Perhaps, I was happy to be chanced upon by these two trolls. “What’s the problem?” The big head boomed. “No problem. I just... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…36

That summer was hot. Its glare let nothing escape. It was an examination, an inspection, and observation. The music ran beneath all that was in the air. The drone of the bombers, matched only by the insistent buzz of their accompaniment, swept overhead. Many below did not hear their arrival. There was the nudge of... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…35

Invading armies have been laying siege to my stronghold for the past decade. It would be six full days since I was admitted to Ward 27. Six full days, the time it took the comic creator to devise a nice little set-up with a planet, stars, and creatures. He would have enjoyed adding time, that... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…34

Paralysis comes with dreams. It arrives at the moment when sudden movement is required and needs the reptilian brain to inform it of danger. Being in hospital during those days was like going to a safaris park, getting out of your car and taunting the lions. It should have been easy to climb back into... Continue Reading →

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