Before The Future…

Just when did we spend so much time thinking about the future? In the past, the more distant past, we lived little lives. Our survival was threatened at every turn by the real possibility of being extinguished. When cemetaries recorded ages of the dead as belonging within three decades, when old men and women reached... Continue Reading →

A Moment…

Just a moment, that was what has occurred. I was writing the concluding chapters to my book, The Story of Eve, when I stopped to change direction. I have been finishing this novel off for the past four months and it has been causing frustration and concern at every juncture. It has not been an... Continue Reading →

Give A Little Bit…

I must have been in one of my more strident phases (they come less and less the older I get) when one of my students pointed out that you should never fall out with people over politics. My normal view is that this is perfectly acceptable, indeed necessary to maintain ethical standards. He said that... Continue Reading →

Do Not Suffer A Witch…

We tended to do most of our shared work after the sun had fallen. Old Leather seems to like it that way. It’s amazing what can evade notice in such a place as this. Imagine, if you will, a corpse strolling along any major high-street in any town or city in the UK, and then... Continue Reading →

On Being Average…

The world is full of inspirational stories; ones that make you feel humble and ones that force you to count your blessings. It’s good advice, but please forgive me for not letting it lead my life. In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king. I don’t wish to be king and... Continue Reading →

The Daily Stoic…Not Again?

I was reading a little about Seneca this morning. More to the point, I was reading about his enforced suicide. From another angle, can suicide be suicide if you are forced to do it? Suppose it can be if you are a stoic. Anyway, apart from his death, Seneca had quite a take on the... Continue Reading →

Middle-Aged White Male Tantrums…

"Now, let somebody else have their say." There is a time when you just have to shut up and let somebody else speak, even though you, and people like you, have been accustomed to speaking and getting your own way for eons. "It's not fair," many are saying. "I'm a middle-aged white man and nobody... Continue Reading →

When your parents pay attention to you, you have healthier relationships and greater academic success in your 30s.

A  2014 study of 243 people born into poverty found that children who received "sensitive caregiving" in their first three years not only did better in academic tests in childhood, but had healthier relationships and greater academic attainment in their 30s. Parents who are sensitive caregivers "respond to their child's signals promptly and appropriately" and "provide... Continue Reading →

Belief in Democracy

We hold democracy as highly as we prize freedom. Both go together like that old Grease song in which Socrates is played by John Travolta and decisions are made through a communal dance. Those with the most votes, win. For Socrates, this was a death warrant. He took it well, showing a philosophical pair of... Continue Reading →

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