Life is but a walking shadow…

I have been spending the last few months trying to settle on a story for my next enterprise. I have happened on a few ideas, but they tend to fade with the coming of the daylight. Think and think and think again, but to no avail. The last two books I have completed have not... Continue Reading →

April 19th?

This has become a special date for me as last year I caused my self a whole cargo of injuries that almost led to my unscheduled demise. Demise ia a nice way of saying dead. The good thing was that I didn't die - I came close to it, but just managed to avoid it... Continue Reading →

Digital Narrators.

The other day, I started to play about with the new Anchor podcasting platforms and I have been having some fun. Okay, so the only voices available are a male and a female, both not out of place on the deck of Star Trek, but it does help to hear the stories. My favourite one... Continue Reading →

Bloody Mary and the Shower Room…

SHIT! I haven’t told you about the ghost yet.  The ghost was a shadow that followed me around. Sometimes, as I was swimming up from a deep place of sleep, I could see, through the sleepy cement eyes that are always there first thing in the morning or whenever it is that I wake, something... Continue Reading →

Staying in the womb…

The school was always making noises. We boys, being the ones that we were, merely added to the general volume. Most days would see us tempering our explosions, sometimes not. We were like juvenile pressure points that had very little control over themselves. The temperature, the pressure per square inch, was often pre-set before the... Continue Reading →


I had never thought about how I had arrived at Sandham beyond believing that I had been dropped off by my mother. I thought that she had dropped me off and just forgotten to pick me up. Something had been happening with the other world and I had the impression that all of what was... Continue Reading →

Lovely, Dark and Deep…

There is nothing safe about the woods. They are the deepest secrets, the most guarded truths, and our most obdurate confessions. The woods were lonely, dark and deep and they had a promise to keep.  She had asked me to save the boy, the boy who had struck her down without remorse – she had... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Name?

Not so fun pun: Bored and board. Bored:  a feeling of unhappiness because something is not interesting. That can be something like playing football every single break or lunchtime because nobody has any other ideas about what we could be playing instead. Bored (verb): when you make a hole in the ground to search for... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Non-Colour…

Fun definition: Umber: a mixture of colours ‘terra d’ombra’ (earth of shadows) in Italian was first made from mixing rich soil with iron oxide. People used it in paintings to show connections between the inner and outer selves. It’s a little hue that points towards the uncertain.    When I woke up in umber I was... Continue Reading →

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