Book Ends…

You're like book ends, the pair of you... I find ending things almost impossible. There is something so agonizingly finite about putting a final stop to something, a fullstop. Books, films, football matches, friendships, relationships, life - all have to end, to reach a final destination, a place to stop...forever. Writing books is a thing... Continue Reading →

The New World

Last night they told us that they were closing the borders. They didn’t want anybody coming in or going out. As with all the new rules, most people just accepted them and got on with what was left of their lives. The truth of it all was that most people were too tired to question... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 9

The nights are cold. There is never enough warmth from the others. There are times when I think that they must not notice me. I walk so close to the walls that I have become accustomed to mixing with shadows. The kiosk man sees me. The boy came on the second night of the falling.... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 8

He came just after dark. I could hear his terrible steps across the city. My world trembled with each footfall.  Tonight, my room had a window to the world and I stood at the cold pane watching the giant’s advance. Each stride was met by fire. Each step an explosion. And I watched as if... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 6

“How’s the world treating you today, sir?” I was at the kiosk again and not quite knowing how I got there. That’s the thing with mornings, if you’re not careful they all dissolve into one. Perhaps it’s early onset of something to do with my mind. These days, it’s not working how it once did.... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas Again…

The clock said January; somewhere around the start of it to be more precise. I was coming up from sleep and the world was waiting, but not with baited breath. We had been here before. At the side of me was the warmth. The pillow was depressed and the duvet was pulled back, just enough... Continue Reading →

The Story of Eve…

The arrow belonged to somebody. That somebody was neither claiming it nor the moment. I surveyed the surroundings and saw nothing. My eyes travelled up to the empty windows in the buildings that stared down at us. Emptiness looked back and my search continued. Who had fired it? Why had they done so? Were they... Continue Reading →

A is for Apocalypse…

I think that I had stopped talking. It wasn’t a conscious decision, not one logically worked out, but something that just arrived one morning and then stayed for the rest of the day, and the day after and the day after that – you get it? It was before the world went quiet. Before I... Continue Reading →

A is for Apocalypse…

I remember the strangest of things, stuff that neuros don’t tend to notice. Faces are my best. I can tell if a neuro is masking, but not if they are wearing a mask. There’s all that ‘old saying’ nonsense about eyes being the gateways to the soul, but obviously I don’t think that way. Eyes... Continue Reading →

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