Part of my submission

AWOL, The Story Of Adam, is a dystopian novel set in the near future when wars and climate change have remade the world. No longer an logical world, civilization has compacted itself into small and isolated colonies. One such is the Citadel that is run by a government called The Family.  The Citadel is a... Continue Reading →

The Rest Of My Loaf

This is another false Monday. It's the day after a Bank Holiday. A Holiday. The Whit week. A Holy day. And I'm getting ready to go to work. All cannot be good in the Kingdom of the above. So, I turn this morning to the sermon on the mount. This little known sermon was given... Continue Reading →

In The Beginning (perhaps)

I was told that it was up to me to tell the story. I didn’t want to have to do it. Let the dead stay dead, that’s what I was thinking. I have this Scottish Play thing that I learnt at school, if you want to mention the true name of the Scottish play, you’re... Continue Reading →

When it’s gone, it’s gone.

In the midst of life we are in life. We were walking away from a funeral. In those days, they still appeared to be occasions; people didn't go around dying everyday, did they? So there was my father and myself caught up in some post cremation examination of our existential selves. The old man had... Continue Reading →

Wedding Speech

I have just finished writing a wedding speech for an old friend. It is the father's speech and I have spent a number of hours doing it. It is an honour and a privilege to be asked to pen such a thing. It is also a great responsibility that can prompt procrastination. I have been... Continue Reading →

Another Titbit…

Prologue We always knew that school was important, the mechanical testing of our understanding, the rigid adherence to rules of behaviour. We knew that to not do well in school meant...well it meant that you didn’t do well in life. No second chances, no retakes. You have one go at getting it right, that was... Continue Reading →

The Tatooist of Auschwitz

A Novel I have only just finished reading this and have gained something from its tale. There was a moment towards the end of the story that I started to feel the tears begin to well-up beneath my glasses. The spectacles are not rose-tinted, but are tainted by the passing years. This meant that I... Continue Reading →

Another Memory

Go with what you know. Piss patches and a sense of infirmity.  When I arrived at work today the world was grey, just grey, just grey...But I was up for it. The weather people were predicting another month of winter. Poxatoni Phil would have been a brighter hope. I had a slightly improved mood, but... Continue Reading →

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