Read After Covid…27

Last night the dreams came. I had been sleeping deeply for the weeks previous but then they started to creep in, slipping through the small fissures in night's oblivion. I don't always remember them in the detail that I would want - mainly it's just an imprint, a nagging feeling of something that may have... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…26

The winds had been at it all through the night. We were woken by the sound of it buffeting, trees that had stood for decades were relenting. Spring's new hope was facing the rawness of the world. And yet it wasn't the sound of the booming attack but the thoughts of others that kept us... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…25

The numbers resist any hope. They come thick and fast with rising tides. They tell us that we will soon reach the peak, the zenith of ITs destruction, but the dates for reprieve are continually being re-timetabled. IT seems to be winning. People keep catching and people keep dying. If you are admitted to critical... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…24

Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday was a quiet time. The guy they were afraid of had died and, much to everyone's surprise, he had died with his head looking towards the heavens asking God to forgive his murderers. Then there had been a meeting of dark clouds, followed by rain. The rain fallen as... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…23

I started writing this as an opportunity to capture one of the greatest events of history. In terms of the twentieth and twenty-first century this is pretty big. Or is it just so because the western countries are now getting a taste of something that previously only the underdeveloped states had to deal with? After... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…22

They keep telling us that we are reaching the peak of infections and that things will settle down after that. We keep listening to them whilst the death-count rises. Almost a thousand souls departed yesterday. Our strange new reality has thrown up lots of strange responses. Generally, the sunshine has become apparent and it is... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…21

And so the digital age rides to the rescue - NOT. I was trying to send some documents this morning. I was trying and trying and trying and...before this gets too predictable, I shall stop. Being somewhat reliant of digital technology and being caught in an organic shitstorm can leave us rather exposed. Technology has... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…20

There are woods and there are trees and there is nothing between them but a recognition of either. Today, when the figures are produced, the ones that number the dead, there will be one there that we recognise. I always thought that the numbers would not really hit home until one of them was somebody... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…19

At last, we have reached the significant number, the one that we are all dreading. It's just another number on the list of numbers of diseases relating to their genetic structure rather than the disease. Therefore, viruses, and the diseases they cause, often have different names.  For example, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. ... Continue Reading →

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