The Mourning Sun

The wood pigeon had returned. This time it did not look so confident. It had been three days since he last saw it and, at first, he was glad of its company. But, even from this distance, he could tell that it wasn't doing well. Aside from his avian acquaintance, he had not seen any... Continue Reading →

Summer And The End Of Daze…

A complete wood pigeon sat on an obsolete television arial. Around it, everything stood still. The world had never been so peaceful and, if it wasn't for the smell of mankind's death, he would have thought that he was dreaming. He had never been a success, never been successful, never thought of himself as anything... Continue Reading →

Stealing and Positive Role Models…

I cried at the ending of The Song of Bernadette. I just sat and wept my young eyes out whilst my elder sister watched on, somewhat disturbed by my outburst. When I was a child, such outpourings of emotional excess were embarrassing, especially for a boy. It’s a good job that my father had not... Continue Reading →

About Writing…And An Odd Mind

I woke my wife up this morning. It was probably about 2am when I started speaking in 'Parcel-Tongue'. I spoke this for a number of minutes before working up into a most ferocious fear-filled scream. I woke myself up. She has gotten accustomed to this from me down the years. There is an extra bit... Continue Reading →

Coming soon…

AWOL   The Story of Adam I saved this novel from the digital dust of an ageing laptop. It was spring of this year and as a slight diversion from a new novel that I am writing, that I took a trip to the virtual graveyard/ warehouse that keeps my writing. I remembered that AWOL was a... Continue Reading →

From Zero…

You are the first. Could be that I'm starting to go all 'Game of Thrones' on your blogs and immediately descend into talking about the first of your name, the night being dark and full of terror, or the obvious being that 'winter is coming'. Well it ain't necessarily so. What is so is the... Continue Reading →

Never close a book forever…

When books bite, it is easy to see them through to the last page. Some books find it easy to latch on to a reader's imagination or interest. Others do not quite sink their teeth in so quickly, or so deeply, so it is easy to shake them off; it normally happens in the opening... Continue Reading →

Climbing or Failing

There are times when the sight of a climb, stretching out before you, defeats ambitions without ever having to engage in combat. There is some smart advice out there for cyclists who wish to conquer hills: don't rush into them, don't sound the charge and empty all your intent on the opening slopes. If you... Continue Reading →

Pregnant Pause…

Waiting and waiting and waiting. It's not my favourite way to spend finite hours and days. Yesterday I was concerned with 'girth mindset', the growing of my own 'moon of happiness'. It's not as if I have put a real amount of weight on, it's just my concern for something that I am yearning to... Continue Reading →

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