The Power Of Knowing

Way back in the day when the gatekeepers kept the gates closed to so many of us, allowing only a privileged few through the hallowed portals, knowledge was certainly power. Exams started with the Eleven-Plus and funnelled the sections of the school population into three distinct areas: Grammar; Technical; and Secondary Modern educational models. From... Continue Reading →

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers.

Or Dairy Producers In General. I have been saying my prayers religiously and indifferently for fifty out of my fifty five years. It has become a sort of mantra with the words and sentiments having suffused into each other a long time ago. The Lord’s Prayer features prominently as do prayers for the persecuted and... Continue Reading →

Dead Again. Extract

From The Piper Book 3 Night had fallen by the time anything moved in the hearse. The hand of freezing darkness fell upon the boy as he blinked himself back to waking. The first thing that he felt was the immense pain exploding along the landscape of his head. His blood that had now frozen.... Continue Reading →

Bacchus Again…

Wine; too much of that was tasted last night. This morning greets me with a stone head that reverberates with the shifting of tectonic plates. The weekend is upon us. My wife is wearing panda eyes as she sleeps. Again there is nothing kinky or animalistic about this, her panda eyes are a mask that... Continue Reading →

Under Blue Moon and Darko

Donnie has been on the shelf for a few years now and had become lost in lifetimes of past viewing experiences. But when we first saw it, my wife and I were caught up in its complete and utter otherness. One of the questions that was on everybody's lips at the time was, "What does... Continue Reading →

An Offer I Can’t Refuse

It's sometimes nice to be connected. A little while ago the family discovered that we were not a dime a dozen clan but were 'connected'. My wife and daughters completed this online quiz which determined (scientifically) which of the members of the Corleone family you would actually be, in real life and fiction. My three... Continue Reading →

Piper 3 Extract

A shrill blast from a hunter’s horn told them that they must leave.  “Quickly,” spoke the boy who had so recently been the quarry, “I know where we must go.”  He took one look at those around him and disappeared into the undergrowth. The rest followed.  They moved quickly, always keeping to the heels of... Continue Reading →

In The Beginning (perhaps)

I was told that it was up to me to tell the story. I didn’t want to have to do it. Let the dead stay dead, that’s what I was thinking. I have this Scottish Play thing that I learnt at school, if you want to mention the true name of the Scottish play, you’re... Continue Reading →

Cold Christmas Lane

The Archdeacon is an ass, the graffiti announced. It had been waiting there for almost eight hundred years to make this proclamation and now it was out. Whoever had decided to dig up this part of the old graveyard had uncovered an ancient indictment. Whatever the Archdeacon had done to deserve such an epitaph few... Continue Reading →

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