Indian Summer…

I grew up believing that native Americans were Indians. I also thought that Inuits were Eskimoes; I was half-right on that one. The reason for these late confessions is that I have just ventured out into a mini Indian summer. The streets of my cosy market town are bathed in the last rays of September's... Continue Reading →

A Troubling Delivery…

It took a while. It took two false pushes. It took the creation of twins when only one should have been there. Now, somebody has the pair, but they're not fully formed. Part 2 of The Purge is my favourite so far. I picked over the dusted corpse of my previous text, marvelled at its... Continue Reading →

Who Wants a Happy Ending?

Happy endings are troublesome because life is troublesome and rarely ends happily. In the midst of life and all that. Anyway, many of you are in the midst of The Piper series and the new one has just begun. Indeed, I have been working on the second instalment of The Purge (the second book of... Continue Reading →

Twas A Dreary Night…

Summer was being chased. along the fields and hedgerows. A cold wind was now the master. As Dr FrankenMike sat down to survey his achievements, the satisfied grin fell from his face. Another of his creations had entered the world. How could he abandon it to those uncaring eyes? He knew not. But he would... Continue Reading →

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