Blessed Are The Cheesemakers.

Or Dairy Producers In General. I have been saying my prayers religiously and indifferently for fifty out of my fifty five years. It has become a sort of mantra with the words and sentiments having suffused into each other a long time ago. The Lord’s Prayer features prominently as do prayers for the persecuted and... Continue Reading →

He’s Crazy Like A Fool

The day of the lune has arrived and I am waiting with baited breath for my musical greeting. When I open the door of Mr Candy's vehicle, what time-travelling treat will be waiting? I dreamt that it would be Boney M. That Mr Candy is just crazy like a fool. Forget the faux musical cool... Continue Reading →

Dead Again. Extract

From The Piper Book 3 Night had fallen by the time anything moved in the hearse. The hand of freezing darkness fell upon the boy as he blinked himself back to waking. The first thing that he felt was the immense pain exploding along the landscape of his head. His blood that had now frozen.... Continue Reading →

Bacchus Again…

Wine; too much of that was tasted last night. This morning greets me with a stone head that reverberates with the shifting of tectonic plates. The weekend is upon us. My wife is wearing panda eyes as she sleeps. Again there is nothing kinky or animalistic about this, her panda eyes are a mask that... Continue Reading →

Dreams and the Past

A recurring theme is that the cat wakes up, gives herself a quick once-over, jumps off the bed, walks around it, humming to herself, and then finally plucks up the courage to ask to be let out. We take it in turns to do her bidding. So this morning, after our little ritual, I found... Continue Reading →

In The Beginning (perhaps)

I was told that it was up to me to tell the story. I didn’t want to have to do it. Let the dead stay dead, that’s what I was thinking. I have this Scottish Play thing that I learnt at school, if you want to mention the true name of the Scottish play, you’re... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Ambrosia

She said that she was the serious one. What she meant was that she was the one who thought through the various implications of us doing something else. I, on the other, have gone through a period of trauma that made me think that nothing was serious, nothing was important. I was shaken to the... Continue Reading →

Survival: Work Death Balance

Lunchtime of a Friday and I am half way through the day. I have managed the possible hurdles of the first two sessions with some professional aplomb; hurrah for me the King of the Swing. In truth, it ought not to be Friday as last night I allowed the sensible me to be swallowed up... Continue Reading →

When it’s gone, it’s gone.

In the midst of life we are in life. We were walking away from a funeral. In those days, they still appeared to be occasions; people didn't go around dying everyday, did they? So there was my father and myself caught up in some post cremation examination of our existential selves. The old man had... Continue Reading →

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