“That is the question.”

Hot sweat burst from his body. He could feel it running down his face, streaming through his hair, along his backbone, under his arms, and into his crotch. He had never been fit and the last days had not added to his endurance. He was dry swallowing air but it felt as if he was... Continue Reading →

The Mourning Sun

The wood pigeon had returned. This time it did not look so confident. It had been three days since he last saw it and, at first, he was glad of its company. But, even from this distance, he could tell that it wasn't doing well. Aside from his avian acquaintance, he had not seen any... Continue Reading →

Out of the Blue

You have picked me out.Through a distant shot of a building burningyou have noticed nowthat a white cotton shirt is twirling, turning. In fact I am waving, waving.Small in the clouds, but waving, waving.Does anyone seea soul worth saving? So when will you come?Do you think you are watching, watchinga man shaking crumbsor pegging out... Continue Reading →

The Year That Was

Time was collecting around him, washing up in small eddies and vortices. He had been wearing a neck sock over his eyes to keep the sun out and it had done it's work. His eyes were still tired and sticky with that frosted glaze that so often visited him. It took time to focus. He... Continue Reading →

About Writing…And An Odd Mind

I woke my wife up this morning. It was probably about 2am when I started speaking in 'Parcel-Tongue'. I spoke this for a number of minutes before working up into a most ferocious fear-filled scream. I woke myself up. She has gotten accustomed to this from me down the years. There is an extra bit... Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Lost His Name

I sat at the weekend before some cards and presents from former and current students. The phrase ‘brilliant teacher’ was used. There was one present that was a personalised picture book entitled The Boy Who Lost His Name which focused my attention. Several years have passed since I originally ‘burnt-out’ and now I seem to... Continue Reading →

Bridging the Past

There's a big fat hedgehog wandering around on the edges of our lawn this morning. It's making the most of the early morning sun. And it's just been joined by a wood pigeon who has been here so many times that it probably believes this to be part of its kingdom. The hedgehog was the... Continue Reading →

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad?

“What? Never really liking myself?”  She nodded encouragingly. There is a shiver of panic that invades my life on certain occasions. It’s like the feeling that one might get when pulling off a jumper that is a little too small. First it grabs around the shoulders, sticks and refuses to go any further. This tends... Continue Reading →

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