“That is the question.”

Hot sweat burst from his body. He could feel it running down his face, streaming through his hair, along his backbone, under his arms, and into his crotch. He had never been fit and the last days had not added to his endurance. He was dry swallowing air but it felt as if he was... Continue Reading →

Cheating And The Tour

Cheating and Cleating. Cheating started with the inaugural Tour de France in 1903. In the first contest, rivals Maurice Garin and Fernand Augereau nearly came to blows after Garin told his friends to knock Augereau off his bike twice. When Augereau recovered, Garin lept from his bicycle and stomped on Augereau's bike himself until the wheels were mangled and inoperative. Physical attacks... Continue Reading →

Coming soon…

AWOL   The Story of Adam I saved this novel from the digital dust of an ageing laptop. It was spring of this year and as a slight diversion from a new novel that I am writing, that I took a trip to the virtual graveyard/ warehouse that keeps my writing. I remembered that AWOL was a... Continue Reading →

From Zero…

You are the first. Could be that I'm starting to go all 'Game of Thrones' on your blogs and immediately descend into talking about the first of your name, the night being dark and full of terror, or the obvious being that 'winter is coming'. Well it ain't necessarily so. What is so is the... Continue Reading →

Rituals and a Bike

While some go to church on the Sabbath in order to thank the Lord for all that is good in the world (best to forget the bad things), I like my own rituals. Sunday is a day of rest. Unless you are the owner of a smart new bicycle and have a wife or daughters... Continue Reading →

Man Is Born Free…

But everywhere he is in chains. Jean Jacques Rousseau It is a universal truth that mankind likes to have boundaries. We need laws, rules, and expectations. We need codes and conventions, rights and wrongs. We need punishments and discipline. We need codes of conduct and commandments. We need an ironclad God, gods, tyrants, or merely... Continue Reading →


The sun is out. I am awake. There are no thoughts in my head. I sit down, duty-bound, to write. I had a dream last night. A couple of students did not want to enter my classroom because I was boring and useless. I had woken to let the cat out and was wondering at... Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Lost His Name

I sat at the weekend before some cards and presents from former and current students. The phrase ‘brilliant teacher’ was used. There was one present that was a personalised picture book entitled The Boy Who Lost His Name which focused my attention. Several years have passed since I originally ‘burnt-out’ and now I seem to... Continue Reading →

Bridging the Past

There's a big fat hedgehog wandering around on the edges of our lawn this morning. It's making the most of the early morning sun. And it's just been joined by a wood pigeon who has been here so many times that it probably believes this to be part of its kingdom. The hedgehog was the... Continue Reading →

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