Read After Covid…22

They keep telling us that we are reaching the peak of infections and that things will settle down after that. We keep listening to them whilst the death-count rises. Almost a thousand souls departed yesterday. Our strange new reality has thrown up lots of strange responses. Generally, the sunshine has become apparent and it is... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…21

And so the digital age rides to the rescue - NOT. I was trying to send some documents this morning. I was trying and trying and trying and...before this gets too predictable, I shall stop. Being somewhat reliant of digital technology and being caught in an organic shitstorm can leave us rather exposed. Technology has... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…20

There are woods and there are trees and there is nothing between them but a recognition of either. Today, when the figures are produced, the ones that number the dead, there will be one there that we recognise. I always thought that the numbers would not really hit home until one of them was somebody... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…19

At last, we have reached the significant number, the one that we are all dreading. It's just another number on the list of numbers of diseases relating to their genetic structure rather than the disease. Therefore, viruses, and the diseases they cause, often have different names.  For example, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. ... Continue Reading →

Read after Covid…18

Survive and Thrive. After The Black Death came a relatively revolutionary time for the rights of serfs. Instead of being tied to the land of their masters, given subsidiary wages (in kind), and being treated as no better than cattle, the surviving poor were now newly empowered. If The Black Death was a dealer of... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…17

Revelations don't come much bigger. I wasn't on the road to Demascus, I wasn't on any road, I was in my pyjamas and checking my blog. I was checking the reading figures, and that formed art of my revelation - even in times such as this, I am cocerned with Earthly matters. Then it struck... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…16

I must keep on with documenting this thing as I feel that much of what is happening will be forgotten in the bland normality that will evenually recommence. I was reading about an old people's home in Spain where rescue workers found a number of the residents dead in their beds; undisturbed for days on... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…15

Finally, my autocorrect has accepted Covid as a word. I have spent 14 days changing it back from Civid. Just shows the new normality that is at work. If the digital world has grown to accept IT, the rest of existence will follow. Tea is still part of our regime. I woke this morning and... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…14

Last night, the family came together to share each other's company. We have all our girls back home and, although two of them are now adults, we are still the closely-knit family of the photos in our album. And how time does race past. Our perception of time alters depending on our circumstances. It either... Continue Reading →

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