Twenty Years Just Went By…

Twenty years ago and none of what has happened since had happened: Manchester United rose and rose in success before their present decline. The house that we built from within was still the declining shambles that served as a fortress for a hermit. Our eldest daughter had still to go to pre-school. Our middle daughter... Continue Reading →

A Dish Best Served Cold

There are many out there who have the ability to cut others down in order to feed their need for power. I remember first coming into contact with these types, and there are a number of them, when I moved into the larger sphere of world, work, and university. It struck me as something alien,... Continue Reading →

Stick It Up Your Scrolls, Son.

My Confession Upon Leaving Teaching I do not love and have never loved my students. I like them, most of the time, but love is for loved ones. I also think that love is a little dangerous in modern day teaching.I do not always know who is in front of me in my classroom. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Dead Again. Extract

From The Piper Book 3 Night had fallen by the time anything moved in the hearse. The hand of freezing darkness fell upon the boy as he blinked himself back to waking. The first thing that he felt was the immense pain exploding along the landscape of his head. His blood that had now frozen.... Continue Reading →

7.03 am and counting…

So, here I am. I have limited time to my tea to drink and pick up my car sharer. I have no Barry Manilow collection so I'm stuck for in-car-entertainment. Perhaps I should just resign myself to another story of The Hundred. Sounds all Greek doesn't it? It's a walk that he does every year,... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Modern Music

Wednesday was the day for the 'Modern Music' conversation. The previous day, my lift sharer had opened the door to his 53 Peugeot estate. He is very proud of this vehicle and still considers it to be cutting edge. I accidentally knocked a bit of it off as I was getting out of the car... Continue Reading →

Mother of Dragons, What A Lovely Day!

Regardless of the burning. Indifferent to the destruction. Because of the insanity, we wake to greet another morning. And what a spring morn is it, set in its colours of green and gold. Anyway, meantime, and elsewhere, while the fortifications and populace of King's Landing burn, the rest of the world turns. And perhaps the... Continue Reading →

Under Blue Moon and Darko

Donnie has been on the shelf for a few years now and had become lost in lifetimes of past viewing experiences. But when we first saw it, my wife and I were caught up in its complete and utter otherness. One of the questions that was on everybody's lips at the time was, "What does... Continue Reading →

In The Beginning (perhaps)

I was told that it was up to me to tell the story. I didn’t want to have to do it. Let the dead stay dead, that’s what I was thinking. I have this Scottish Play thing that I learnt at school, if you want to mention the true name of the Scottish play, you’re... Continue Reading →

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