Writing Competitions…

I'm currently in the mood for a few writing competitions as I think this is a way of sharpening up my act and getting the pitch/summary stuff together. So far, two have gone off into the ether and a third is in the offing. I did, however, notice another competition that was interesting but probably... Continue Reading →

Digital Narrators.

The other day, I started to play about with the new Anchor podcasting platforms and I have been having some fun. Okay, so the only voices available are a male and a female, both not out of place on the deck of Star Trek, but it does help to hear the stories. My favourite one... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Time…

Just who do you turn to if you truly suspect that the country that you live in is being secretly taken over by Nazis? The answer, as I found out, was nobody. In the real world, the one that professed to exist outside the ward, few would pay much attention to such a claim. What... Continue Reading →

The Truth…

Truth is the property of being in accord with fact or reality. In everyday language, truth is typically ascribed to things that aim to represent reality or otherwise correspond to it, such as beliefs, propositions, and declarative sentences. Truth is usually held to be the opposite of falsity.  Thanks to Wikipedia!

Blessed are The Weak…

Another extract from Out of the Woods. You can only be openly disrespectful just so many times before somebody notices. It’s always the ones you fail to notice, the almost invisible ones who do the jobs that nobody else cares to do, the ones you would never do in a millions shit-storm centuries, who inform.... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…5

They still keep calling me. I am only able to hold it off so much. Inevitably, I cave into the pressure. Could I work in a school that is in some godforsaken part of the country? Maths, she said. I hate maths. Yes, I said and almost instantly regretted it. Our middle daughter seems to... Continue Reading →

Out of the Woods…

From my new book: My life had reached a point where all that existed before could no longer match up to what was taking place after. Somehow, like the bicycle on the country road, my existence had become suspended, held in the moment before passing, and the reason for this was starting to slowly reveal... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…13

Write about what you know, that's what they tell you. The problem is that I do not know these times, at all. These times have sprung up from the pages of novels that weave themselves around the possibility of a plague decimating the world's population. Interesting that the term, decimate, refers to the Roman habit... Continue Reading →

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