Fursday Is Cancelled…It’s Too Warm

With temperatures across the UK set to rise above relative freezing point (well, 25 degrees), the people of the Fur Nation are preparing themselves for an onslaught of irritatingly decent weather.  The winter has lasted as long as anything anyone can remember; it not just came, but it settled in, put its frozen feet up,... Continue Reading →

Adam And Eve It…?

The very first impression I gained from Read After Burnout Adventures in Everyday Madness is that it is a very professionally written and highly competently constructed book. It is most certainly necessary to have such qualities since it presents itself in what are the popular Kindle categories of memoir. The style has prowess and clarity,... Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom…

    I was struggling for something to write this morning. I knew that I wanted to write, but understood that, if I pushed it, it would sound trite. I found these two instead.   I like them...   I hope you do too... Mike    

How I Use This Blog…

It's nice to come home to the blog at the end of a working day. It's good to sit down and see what has been going on. It's wonderful to enter a world of imagination and self-reflection.  Oh, my lord, I sound like a tree-hugger.  Just got back in from work where I have wrestled... Continue Reading →

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