Thoughts On Betrayal…

I watched The Godfather when it was first shown on television in the 1970s. I watched it with my father.  My father was a man who was liked by many people. His standing amongst his peers was peerless. At his funeral, my uncle, Dad's older brother, broke down and sobbed. My sister's sobbed, my mother... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…28

The dreams were at me again last night, carrion around roadkill. Most of the dreams just pass on by, like the one I had about the inflatable two-seater aeroplane that came down much too low on the housing estate where I was born and sort of cushioned into some of the hedgerows of a neighbour's... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…27

Last night the dreams came. I had been sleeping deeply for the weeks previous but then they started to creep in, slipping through the small fissures in night's oblivion. I don't always remember them in the detail that I would want - mainly it's just an imprint, a nagging feeling of something that may have... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…24

Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday was a quiet time. The guy they were afraid of had died and, much to everyone's surprise, he had died with his head looking towards the heavens asking God to forgive his murderers. Then there had been a meeting of dark clouds, followed by rain. The rain fallen as... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…14

Last night, the family came together to share each other's company. We have all our girls back home and, although two of them are now adults, we are still the closely-knit family of the photos in our album. And how time does race past. Our perception of time alters depending on our circumstances. It either... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…13

Write about what you know, that's what they tell you. The problem is that I do not know these times, at all. These times have sprung up from the pages of novels that weave themselves around the possibility of a plague decimating the world's population. Interesting that the term, decimate, refers to the Roman habit... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…11

So as not to be outdone by the little things that make up Covid 19, the weather turned towards the Arctic for its next theme. At just gone 7 o’clock this morning, a swathe of freezing grey swept in from the still frozen lands and deposited a huge outpouring of hailstones. Car roofs became percussion... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…9

Life can be separated into the time that we are awake and the time that we are asleep. Trapped in our home, we are finding that sleep is becoming more prevalent. The days are becoming longer but the nights are now so quiet that there is little to disturb those hours when we close off... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…Day 3

So, I am awake. I figure that that is preferable to sleep. I am making the most of these morning hours as sleep on troubles me with visions of what might be. Other people will be recording this and other people will probably have outlets that will pay for their thoughts. My writing has move... Continue Reading →

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