Try your best, fail well…

I'm reading his autobiography and finding it fascinating. Here was a man that spent the first part of his life finding himself whilst not bathing. The second part saw him change the world. Then he died.


There was never a sound beside the wood but one,And that was my long scythe whispering to the ground.What was it it whispered? I knew not well myself;Perhaps it was something about the heat of the sun,Something, perhaps, about the lack of sound—And that was why it whispered and did not speak.It was no dream... Continue Reading →

Braver Again…

I was looking through the news this morning and found yet another story about a famous person who has suffered from mental issues. The guy was a sportsman, a top-class goalkeeper, who nose-dived into that pit of despair and anxiety that seems to be affecting more and more of the 'normal' population. Because of his... Continue Reading →


Dreams have been my companions down the years. They have fed my creativity and nourished my will for the future. Some time ago, the dreams stopped coming. At night when I slept, I did just that. There was a void of neither here nor there into which I was plunged each time I rested my... Continue Reading →

The Tatooist of Auschwitz

A Novel I have only just finished reading this and have gained something from its tale. There was a moment towards the end of the story that I started to feel the tears begin to well-up beneath my glasses. The spectacles are not rose-tinted, but are tainted by the passing years. This meant that I... Continue Reading →

Passive Aggressive, Moi?

1. "I'm not mad." Denying feelings of anger is classic passive aggressive behavior. Rather than being upfront and honest when questioned about his feelings, the passive aggressive person insists, "I'm not mad" even when he or she is seething on the inside. 2. "Fine." "Whatever." Sulking and withdrawing from arguments are primary strategies of the... Continue Reading →

Shooting the Breeze

I'm writing this on the back of a conversation with Angie, a fellow blogger and person who I respect enormously. Angie was questioning my post from yesterday that dealt with aspirations. I can see how anyone may have misunderstood what I was actually meaning. I was questioning the way in which schools begin to sell... Continue Reading →

Life is but a walking dream…

Follow your dreams, the voices said. Don’t be afraid to dream big. I have always been a dreamer sleepwalking through the life that happened when I woke up and got out of bed. My life has been one big dream step in front of another, or to the side, or backwards. I gauge my success... Continue Reading →

Wounds of Gold

Gold Marks The Spot When the Japanese mend something that is broken, they aggrandise the damage by filling it with gold. Their belief is that something that has survived such a trauma, and has history, ought to be celebrated and prized. In the west, a lot of us tend to feel ashamed of something that... Continue Reading →

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