Ingredients for Rabble-Rousing

Arguing The Indefensible Washington (CNN) "After puzzling comments about 19th Century abolitionist Frederick Douglass and marveling that no one knew Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, President Donald Trump has just unloaded another historical non sequitur. In the latest strange aside, Trump said that Andrew Jackson, the populist rabble-rousing President with whom he has begun to... Continue Reading →

Fascist Proofing For Beginners

“Are you a communist?""No I am an anti-fascist""For a long time?""Since I have understood fascism.” ― Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls It's becoming evident that the right to be 'ultra-right' has become embedded in our everyday culture and conversations. The pendulum has swung the other way. Being a Fascist is now fashionable; it marks you out... Continue Reading →

Psycho Paths Lead To Greatness

  There is something unnervingly hypnotic about a psychopath. The eyes have it. They stride into ours and rearrange what we think is normality. In some ways it's akin to having a change of internal scenery with the sofa inhabiting a different area of the room whilst the armchairs are perfectly placed on the ceiling.... Continue Reading →

‘Evil Has Won’ Pro-American Germans feel betrayed.

By Michelle Goldberg Opinion Columnist July 13, 2018 President Trump met with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday.CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times BERLIN — Klaus Scharioth, who served as Germany’s ambassador to the United States during both George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s administrations, was born in 1946, the... Continue Reading →

Harper Lee, a pretty decent effort…

Jem was dead.  Harper Lee did not publish after her classic American tale. It was a novel that affected millions and caught the zeitgeist of a nation and a world in transition. It was a novel that our teachers felt needed to be read so, even in the grey climate of sixties' Northern England, shrouded... Continue Reading →

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