Lunes’ Day…

Something had happened during the night. I had slept reasonably well and moderately badly. There was no storm outside. When I finally gave in to waking, I heard the sweet sounds of birds. My wife remained in the guise of sleep until I nudged her awake. "A cup of tea?" Some response came back throught... Continue Reading →

A Memory…

Far be it from me to personify, but I am getting a little fed-up of the gloating growing behaviour of my lawn. The sun is out. Out of what I do not know, but it is. It is warm. There are a few ephemera floating around. It's like Woodstock before the Hippies realised that the... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Report:

Our cat of over ten years was probably knocked down yesterday. It came to the door, yowled loudly, came inside and collapsed. It was taken to the vets and stayed there overnight. I, a husband for over twenty one years, woke up with terrible stomach cramps on the eve of my visit to the doctor's... Continue Reading →

The Tatooist of Auschwitz

A Novel I have only just finished reading this and have gained something from its tale. There was a moment towards the end of the story that I started to feel the tears begin to well-up beneath my glasses. The spectacles are not rose-tinted, but are tainted by the passing years. This meant that I... Continue Reading →

Something there is that does not love a wall…

I spent several days with him, cycling and drinking, talking and cycling. Although his bike fitness wasn’t fully there, it was still enough to pull me along. We went along coastal routes, alongside pristine beaches, and through forests that were the haunt to the British Royal family. My initial impression was that Wales was wonderful.... Continue Reading →

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