Car-Share With King Candy

That suspiciously sweet smell. For a while now I have been car-sharing. It is a way of getting to work whilst cutting down on costs. It saves me and my fellow care-sharers small fortunes at the end of the month and gves us time chat. The last bit is not always true. My car-sharing adventures... Continue Reading →

Ease Up

It's a winter's day out there and its was aim was to put us off. Sundays come in grey when January arrives. Today was wind laced with rain. What more does one, or two in this case, need to persuade you to stay in by the fireside? So we ran. Sundays are our days. They... Continue Reading →

The Sword Of Christmas

“As you can see,” Graham said with pride, “Zack and his group have been doing an awful lot of groundwork. Indeed, they discovered these,” he continued and produced three swords from the armoury. “We have quite a selection of these and after out talk earlier, I think that swords may be one of our best... Continue Reading →

Christmas Memories

Lovely, dark and deep. Lucy’s Diary 22ndDecember  Will everyday be like these? I sometimes wonder if we are meant to be living through or just suffering them. Last night would have constituted one of the best of my life. ‘David’ who still likes to be known as Chris. I can’t help calling him David and... Continue Reading →

The Dead Of Winter

The one truly overlooked benefit of buying a Volvo was that, as a free introductory gift for a limited period only, every new Volvo estate was sold with a free set of snow chains! Laura had often wondered what the chains were meant to be used for and had resigned herself to never knowing. Michael,... Continue Reading →

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