7.03 am and counting…

So, here I am. I have limited time to my tea to drink and pick up my car sharer. I have no Barry Manilow collection so I'm stuck for in-car-entertainment. Perhaps I should just resign myself to another story of The Hundred. Sounds all Greek doesn't it? It's a walk that he does every year,... Continue Reading →

Under Blue Moon and Darko

Donnie has been on the shelf for a few years now and had become lost in lifetimes of past viewing experiences. But when we first saw it, my wife and I were caught up in its complete and utter otherness. One of the questions that was on everybody's lips at the time was, "What does... Continue Reading →

Facebook of the Dead

A helpful reminder came up on my Facebook page the other day, but I ignored it. The nofication politely informed me that it was the birthday of an old acquaintance. These reminders are generally good and do nudge me into action when my failing memory has, well, failed me. This one, however, jolted my memory,... Continue Reading →

Another Titbit…

Prologue We always knew that school was important, the mechanical testing of our understanding, the rigid adherence to rules of behaviour. We knew that to not do well in school meant...well it meant that you didn’t do well in life. No second chances, no retakes. You have one go at getting it right, that was... Continue Reading →

How about this for an intro?

Some time ago... The night had finally arrived and he welcomed it. The citadel was as near to quiet as it ever would be. There was the hum of a TT vehicle patrolling, the sinister buzzing of BOTs still tasking late into the night; they never stopped. Then there was the sound of his mother’s... Continue Reading →

Time-Lord Travel

Into the sun So I took my own advice and headed out into the afternoon sunshine. It's been unseasonably warm in soon to be BREXIT Britain, perhaps as a result of some beneficial trade deal our Queen of the Daleks has struck up with the Cybermen. Anyway, things were worse during the Time-Lord Wars so... Continue Reading →

The Stand is an old friend.

I read it every five or six years. I go back to it in the same way one might go back to the place in which you grew up. My affair with everything apocalyptical probably came from King; well some of it anyway. The landscape of my youth was clouded by the coming apocalypse. But... Continue Reading →

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