The Mourning Sun

The wood pigeon had returned. This time it did not look so confident. It had been three days since he last saw it and, at first, he was glad of its company. But, even from this distance, he could tell that it wasn't doing well. Aside from his avian acquaintance, he had not seen any... Continue Reading →

Summer And The End Of Daze…

A complete wood pigeon sat on an obsolete television arial. Around it, everything stood still. The world had never been so peaceful and, if it wasn't for the smell of mankind's death, he would have thought that he was dreaming. He had never been a success, never been successful, never thought of himself as anything... Continue Reading →

The Year That Was

Time was collecting around him, washing up in small eddies and vortices. He had been wearing a neck sock over his eyes to keep the sun out and it had done it's work. His eyes were still tired and sticky with that frosted glaze that so often visited him. It took time to focus. He... Continue Reading →

Coming soon…

AWOL   The Story of Adam I saved this novel from the digital dust of an ageing laptop. It was spring of this year and as a slight diversion from a new novel that I am writing, that I took a trip to the virtual graveyard/ warehouse that keeps my writing. I remembered that AWOL was a... Continue Reading →

Pregnant Pause…

Waiting and waiting and waiting. It's not my favourite way to spend finite hours and days. Yesterday I was concerned with 'girth mindset', the growing of my own 'moon of happiness'. It's not as if I have put a real amount of weight on, it's just my concern for something that I am yearning to... Continue Reading →

Part of my submission

AWOL, The Story Of Adam, is a dystopian novel set in the near future when wars and climate change have remade the world. No longer an logical world, civilization has compacted itself into small and isolated colonies. One such is the Citadel that is run by a government called The Family.  The Citadel is a... Continue Reading →

Time Sack

Nobody is aware of this, but a few; me and my wife to be exact. My recent travels with Captain Candy have revealed the truth about the nature of existence: the world ended some time in November 1979. That strangely coincided with Pick Floyd's release of The Wall. It was also the time that Captain... Continue Reading →

How to write a best-seller.

Finished editing AWOL (The Story of Adam) yesterday and started working on the one line elevator pitches. Elevator Pitches: He never knew that girls existed until he met the one who was destined blow his world away. Adam was having a bad term, a bad life, and was about to come face to face with... Continue Reading →

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