Time-Lord Travel

Into the sun So I took my own advice and headed out into the afternoon sunshine. It's been unseasonably warm in soon to be BREXIT Britain, perhaps as a result of some beneficial trade deal our Queen of the Daleks has struck up with the Cybermen. Anyway, things were worse during the Time-Lord Wars so... Continue Reading →

The Stand is an old friend.

I read it every five or six years. I go back to it in the same way one might go back to the place in which you grew up. My affair with everything apocalyptical probably came from King; well some of it anyway. The landscape of my youth was clouded by the coming apocalypse. But... Continue Reading →

The Piper 6

Liam could not remember when he had last slept. Maybe it had been years as he could not recall ever having slipped from the paltry reality of the world of waking. What he did know was that when others chose to close their eyes, he wandered. Everything had taken place as he had been told.... Continue Reading →

When You Are Mad…

There was once a wise king that ruled over his people who resided in a vast citadel. The king was feared for his might and admired for his wisdom. And all his subjects revered him. The citadel had one source of water which was a well in the centre. In the mornings people would gather... Continue Reading →

The End And The Means…

"Sir, is a nuclear war going to happen?" He was a well-rounded teacher who had lived through this type of threat before. The Cold War had come and gone and then went on to slink around behind some bushes.  "I don't think so," he answered in a fashion that suggested that he didn't like thinking... Continue Reading →

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