On Not Being Winston Churchill…

“What’s your full name?” the main man asked.  I thought him to be the main man because he was the one to ask whilst the others nervously pushed together in an attempt to allow him his rightful share of the space. He had grown accustomed to such reverenced for his authority and he moved around... Continue Reading →

B is for Bedside Metaphors…

I was on the threshold of understanding something without being able to muster the required framework for comprehension. My hospital bed had become a battlefield for forces that deemed it necessary to play out a metaphor whilst messing with my mental state. Being lost in the world that had grown out of the ward, the... Continue Reading →

Ripped by a Hawk…

Back to the goshawk. There was something beautiful about that bird of prey, even as it was ripping the still fluttering woodpigeon to pieces. Even that bit was edifying though I would prefer that nobody heard me say that. It wasn’t the gore of the scene that pulled me in but the purity of the... Continue Reading →

Riding Through Time…

FOR ENGLAND AND MY MEMORIES, THAT WAS THE HOTTEST SUMMER THAT I CAN REMEMBER. IT REMAINS TALL AS STANDPIPES GUSHING FOUNTAINS OF MEMORIES INTO BUCKETS AND BOWLS. The whole of the street would meet every morning and evening to quench their needs. The clear stuff was rationed to an hour during each of these times,... Continue Reading →

The New World

Last night they told us that they were closing the borders. They didn’t want anybody coming in or going out. As with all the new rules, most people just accepted them and got on with what was left of their lives. The truth of it all was that most people were too tired to question... Continue Reading →

Chips with Covid…

Not time for Fun Facts, but here goes: Civid-19 can have some long-lasting effects and this may include ‘brain fog’. Since people started to get infected with the virus, more and more are suffering from a variety of neurological symptoms that don’t appear to be alleviated by time. Memory loss, poor concentration, poor sleep and... Continue Reading →

The Poles and Meals…

It’s strange, but I can’t remember the exact date. Dates are not normally a problem, they register in my brain like items of shopping that are passed over scanners at the checkouts of most major supermarkets. Dates are now most definitely a problem as they don’t seem to occur, or even exist. So I spend... Continue Reading →

A Tale from The Piper

In her dreams, Elizabeth was on the ward she had devoted her time to.  It had not burnt to the ground as she knew it had many years ago, but was intact and filled with the confused slumber of its patients. The book that Elizabeth had been reading was open at the page she was... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas The End

I wanted to tell him the truth. I wanted to say that I had been wandering the corridors of sleep. I wanted to say that there was a ghost in my life. “If I’m honest, I would say that life is treating me badly.” That’s what I wanted to say. The morning had started badly.... Continue Reading →

Extract from Long Sleep of Covid

“What’s been keeping you,” he asked. “How did you get in here so quickly?” “That was easy when you are so shocked by your own actions. You should have seen your face. Anyone would have thought that you had robbed a bank or something. Did you get a thrill?” I didn’t want to confess, so... Continue Reading →

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