I Yam, Yam, Yam…

Now, what was it that I was thinking about when I first took to the laptop again? I was thinking about not thinking and the waste of time that would be if I didn’t get my shit together and start thinking again. The problem with the UK is that it does present problems to think... Continue Reading →

Dead Again. Extract

From The Piper Book 3 Night had fallen by the time anything moved in the hearse. The hand of freezing darkness fell upon the boy as he blinked himself back to waking. The first thing that he felt was the immense pain exploding along the landscape of his head. His blood that had now frozen.... Continue Reading →

7.03 am and counting…

So, here I am. I have limited time to my tea to drink and pick up my car sharer. I have no Barry Manilow collection so I'm stuck for in-car-entertainment. Perhaps I should just resign myself to another story of The Hundred. Sounds all Greek doesn't it? It's a walk that he does every year,... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Modern Music

Wednesday was the day for the 'Modern Music' conversation. The previous day, my lift sharer had opened the door to his 53 Peugeot estate. He is very proud of this vehicle and still considers it to be cutting edge. I accidentally knocked a bit of it off as I was getting out of the car... Continue Reading →

Under Blue Moon and Darko

Donnie has been on the shelf for a few years now and had become lost in lifetimes of past viewing experiences. But when we first saw it, my wife and I were caught up in its complete and utter otherness. One of the questions that was on everybody's lips at the time was, "What does... Continue Reading →

An Offer I Can’t Refuse

It's sometimes nice to be connected. A little while ago the family discovered that we were not a dime a dozen clan but were 'connected'. My wife and daughters completed this online quiz which determined (scientifically) which of the members of the Corleone family you would actually be, in real life and fiction. My three... Continue Reading →

Piper 3 Extract

A shrill blast from a hunter’s horn told them that they must leave.  “Quickly,” spoke the boy who had so recently been the quarry, “I know where we must go.”  He took one look at those around him and disappeared into the undergrowth. The rest followed.  They moved quickly, always keeping to the heels of... Continue Reading →

Blackbirds Teasing A Cat

They hop and skip across the lawn whilst the cat watches on. There is something that tells them that she will not strike. The cat, also black, just watches the display, just out of reach. These days everything is out of reach; an uncaring car saw to that. I let her out this morning so... Continue Reading →

The Sun Is The Same…

Harry had been at the centre for many months. He couldn't remember exactly when or how he got there, but that was true of most things that happened to him and everything else these days. The other residents were moving around, shuffling past long clouds of tobacco smoke and into the routine of hushed morning... Continue Reading →

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