Why Hate A Little Girl?

How can a 16-year-old girl in plaits, who has dedicated herself to the not-exactly sinister, authoritarian plot of trying to save the planet from extinction, inspire such incandescent rage? Last week, she tweeted that she had arrived into New York after her two week transatlantic voyage: “Finally here. Thank you everyone who came to see... Continue Reading →

Show Time…

Straight from whatever passed for maths and straight onto the artificial sports pitch where a group of Year 7s had gathered under the watchful eye of nobody in particular. The group looked nothing like a group of sporty kids. They were in a veritable mishmash of sports-leisure wear that stood against the wire fencing in... Continue Reading →

Act in Haste…

The old saying seems to be holding up. Last week saw me rushing to get a book on the Amazon shelves. It was e-published on Friday the Thirteenth, managed to get to number five in Amazon's classic horror charts, and then fell away into oblivion. Since then, nobody has read my books. I have instigated... Continue Reading →

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