French Porn (property)

A ray of sunshine has fallen across our Saturday morning. Outside is dull and damp, but in doors there is a spot of hope. Saturday morning started off as all Saturdays tend to do. Lucy, our cat, came gently meowing into our bedroom. The weather is grim out there, but that didn’t stop her from... Continue Reading →

The Importance Of Night

Almost twenty-minutes past three and I am sittng here in the darkness, without my glasses, whilst my wife and daughters sleep upstairs. I woke thinking. Now someway into my veritable older years, though the boy inside me queries this, I have those nocturnal meanderings that lead to a gnawingly inward frustration. It's over two-years since... Continue Reading →

Here Come The Holidays

After a year of blogging, I am taking three-weeks off to cycle in France. There, I will also be writing, but not blogging.    The Piper will conclude on my return. Mike

The Last Ride…

I suppose the point is the same point that that type of god has been making for the whole of time; we are mayflies caught up in a dreadful eternity of summer promises. 

Another Breakout Looming…

  What can teachers do to escape the yatta tat tat of the classroom? I have made a number of escapes throughout my life, both literal and metaphorical. I have never raced a motorbike up an Alpine slope and attempted to jump over ten feet of barbed wire, but it is safe to say that... Continue Reading →

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