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Write about what you know, that's what they tell you. The problem is that I do not know these times, at all. These times have sprung up from the pages of novels that weave themselves around the possibility of a plague decimating the world's population. Interesting that the term, decimate, refers to the Roman habit... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…

If you are reading this you have survived IT so far. The IT is the thing that can't be named. Think Macbeth, but only think it. You see, once it has taken to the air and spread its wings...Well, I think you get the message. I am writing this as a response to IT. I... Continue Reading →

More Is Less…

This month has seen my adventures take me from an innocent cycle ride to a hospital continuing its functions in the face of Covid 19. Fortunately for my neck of the woods, Covid has pretty poor map-reading skills and a terrible sense of organisation. I wonder if this is the case with all pandemics. Anyway... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…35

Invading armies have been laying siege to my stronghold for the past decade. It would be six full days since I was admitted to Ward 27. Six full days, the time it took the comic creator to devise a nice little set-up with a planet, stars, and creatures. He would have enjoyed adding time, that... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…34

Paralysis comes with dreams. It arrives at the moment when sudden movement is required and needs the reptilian brain to inform it of danger. Being in hospital during those days was like going to a safaris park, getting out of your car and taunting the lions. It should have been easy to climb back into... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…33

Out of the Woods Before the virus came the winds. They were big buffeting ones that threatened all in their paths. To walk out was to enter the challenge, to be tested. Cars faired no better with their metallic assumptions blown from one side to the other. The floods came before the winds and they... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…32

We have reached that unsettling point in the plague where those things we held up as lights against the darkness have started to flicker and threaten to swallow their own flames. The old Egyptians allowed their Pharaoh to rule absolutely and without any fear of censure. When faced with an invisible deity that came from... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…30

The big three-oh! So reaching this means that we are still in the grip of the virus; IT as I call IT. And still the madness squirms around the world like a bar of soap that is too slippy to hold. In retrospect, believe that I am a little free with my similies as that... Continue Reading →

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