1996 Turn of the Year

We had returned to the UK for the Christmas holidays. It seemed to be a good idea at first, all that joviality and love. We had taken a coach from Vitoria right through to London. It seemed to be the right thing to do. Unfortunately, people tend to get in the way. The coach was... Continue Reading →

The Year That Was

Time was collecting around him, washing up in small eddies and vortices. He had been wearing a neck sock over his eyes to keep the sun out and it had done it's work. His eyes were still tired and sticky with that frosted glaze that so often visited him. It took time to focus. He... Continue Reading →

Cheating And The Tour

Cheating and Cleating. Cheating started with the inaugural Tour de France in 1903. In the first contest, rivals Maurice Garin and Fernand Augereau nearly came to blows after Garin told his friends to knock Augereau off his bike twice. When Augereau recovered, Garin lept from his bicycle and stomped on Augereau's bike himself until the wheels were mangled and inoperative. Physical attacks... Continue Reading →

Spinning, Grinding and Bonking…

Cycling has a number of interesting phrases, ones that I think are intended to raise the corners of the mouth whilst searching for a possible explanations. The first two on this list are alternative approaches to padalling up a sharp incline whilst the latter is the description of sugar-deficiency brought about by over-exertion and inadequate... Continue Reading →

Why Read After Burnout works…

"But the book as a whole has a great deal to recommend it, not least the carefully considered and generally well executed content which I found to be very suitable for the target demographic. The references to your time in the Met, your teaching career, and struggles with mental health, allow the reader to see... Continue Reading →

Climbing or Failing

There are times when the sight of a climb, stretching out before you, defeats ambitions without ever having to engage in combat. There is some smart advice out there for cyclists who wish to conquer hills: don't rush into them, don't sound the charge and empty all your intent on the opening slopes. If you... Continue Reading →

Girth Mindset and Cycling

I have been out most days since the purchase of my new bike. My cycling has taken the form of shortish, sharpish rides that race against the clock. It's always the same, I set off relatively calmly, intent upon enjoying the turning of the wheels, the easy shifting of the gears, and whatever countryside comes... Continue Reading →

Rituals and a Bike

While some go to church on the Sabbath in order to thank the Lord for all that is good in the world (best to forget the bad things), I like my own rituals. Sunday is a day of rest. Unless you are the owner of a smart new bicycle and have a wife or daughters... Continue Reading →


The sun is out. I am awake. There are no thoughts in my head. I sit down, duty-bound, to write. I had a dream last night. A couple of students did not want to enter my classroom because I was boring and useless. I had woken to let the cat out and was wondering at... Continue Reading →

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