Just An Airing

From The Piper Book 3. I just wanted to let this one out of the bag. It will be edited for publication. I like it, if you do as well please like. In the afternoon heat, the young hunter waited in the shade of a rock face. The horses were tied up to a tree... Continue Reading →


I don't know why but Mondays always come along like that train you should not really be on. They always follow Sundays and they spend that day fermenting wrong thoughts; dread. Still if Mondays did not come along, you'd probably be dead. Or tansported to a different plain. I hope mine will take me somewhere... Continue Reading →

Stupidity is a Gift from God…

Try not to think too much. The usual trawl through the newsfeeds throws up the usually depressing news. In recent weeks I have taken to skipping over the crap whilst trying to find something a little more edifying. This morning's smorgasbord gave me little to digest. Trump, Trump, Trump. Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. A report from... Continue Reading →

Giro or Tour?

I have recently enjoyed some interesting reading about these two great cycling events. The Giro d'Italia is the less famous race and has been compared to a an intimate gig in a bar as opposed to the giant stadium show that is the Tour. Cycling has risen in popularity in recent years; that's an understatement... Continue Reading →

On Your Bike…

Reasons why: Top ten reasons you should get on your bike Leave the car and breathe less pollution, improve your memory and save time 1. Save time Research shows that commuting by bike takes approximately half the time of driving at rush hour plus you'll be more productive at work - employees who exercise before work or... Continue Reading →

Time Marches On…

And there is me waking with my brains half clocked to the fact that this is the beginning of my fifty-eighth year. Fifty-seven years I have completed on this planet and there are still some more to fulfil. It was an indeterminant sentence, somebody must have said. I was never good at grammar so I... Continue Reading →

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