Keeping up with The Piper

Since serialising in quick-reads, I have been surprised at how popular the book have become. They are regulars in the top 100 Classic Horror charts and one actually got as high as 24. Now comes Part 3 which finds the Andrews family in mortal danger. It's the moment when they have to face their demons... Continue Reading →

Can Good Spring From Evil?

When nerve surgeon Dr Susan Mackinnon needed help to finish an operation, she reached, as she often does, for a mid-20th Century book of anatomy. Thanks to the complex hand-drawn illustrations - showing the human body peeled back layer by layer - Dr Mackinnon, from Washington University in St Louis, was able to complete the... Continue Reading →

Free In The Breeze

Some days. letting life loose, giving it the chance to run away with itself, is liberating. You take off the restraints and let the moments of each hour decide for themselves, run where they will. Today has been one such day.

From AWOL With Love…

Oblivion is sometimes a welcome sign upon an empty road. When I woke for the second time, I came to, dry-mouthed, fretting. Nobody was there to greet me. I was in a room that was in darkness. It felt like I had been there before; just a feeling. For a moment I believed myself to... Continue Reading →

Some Day Writing…

So, I'm writing books because I want to be a writer. There are two parts to being a writer: write the bloody thingsget bloody readers. Simple! The thing is that the first part is very difficult and, once you have done that, the second part jumps up at you, smacks you square in the jaw... Continue Reading →

What To Pray To?

I stopped believing in God when my mind fried. I'd always liked the idea of thee being a higher power, a reasonable arbitrator who could step in and solve some of our worse aspects. There is no doubting that mankind is a motley crew. I have said prayers every night since I was a very... Continue Reading →

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