Middle-Aged White Male Tantrums…

"Now, let somebody else have their say." There is a time when you just have to shut up and let somebody else speak, even though you, and people like you, have been accustomed to speaking and getting your own way for eons. "It's not fair," many are saying. "I'm a middle-aged white man and nobody... Continue Reading →

When your parents pay attention to you, you have healthier relationships and greater academic success in your 30s.

A  2014 study of 243 people born into poverty found that children who received "sensitive caregiving" in their first three years not only did better in academic tests in childhood, but had healthier relationships and greater academic attainment in their 30s. Parents who are sensitive caregivers "respond to their child's signals promptly and appropriately" and "provide... Continue Reading →

Belief in Democracy

We hold democracy as highly as we prize freedom. Both go together like that old Grease song in which Socrates is played by John Travolta and decisions are made through a communal dance. Those with the most votes, win. For Socrates, this was a death warrant. He took it well, showing a philosophical pair of... Continue Reading →

Purposeful Hand Usage…And Satisfaction

Purposeful hand use enhances well-being in a technologically saturated culture. Research has shown that creating or tending things by hand enhances our mental health and makes us happy.  Dr. Kelly Lambert (bertlab.com) explored the relationship between hand use, current cultural habits, and mood.  She found that hands-on work satisfies our primal need to make things... Continue Reading →

Boxing Above Your Weight…

In the survey, a group of 113 newlywed couples were rated on their individual looks. The researchers found that if the male was less attractive than his wife, he was much more likely to compensate with gifts, sexual favours and doing chores around the house. Unsurprisingly, that leads to higher marital satisfaction for the wife.... Continue Reading →

Out with the old…

Being a Scrooge at Christmas is nothing to be proud of, or to apologise for. As far as I know, having reservations about this great festive break is perfectly legitimate. I was saying to my wife, before Christmas kicked-off, that we should not try our best to create an occasion that is 'perfect'. Christmas and... Continue Reading →

An Eve Tit-Bit…

Surprises. The boy was a surprise; he really was. My last recollection of him was as I was falling and he was falling too, but on top of me. My exhaustion had burnt a hole through my resistance and he was about to take advantage. His hot body, stinking of sweat, reeking of something else... Continue Reading →

Living with the dead…

Our frequent guest for Christmas has woken up partially dead. It happens to him on a regular basis, the alcohol, need for external stimuli, and general lethargy turns his sunny disposition into a grey snot-filled one. He moans about people giving him bugs and fails to see that nobody else is suffering. As a parting... Continue Reading →

Three Days of the Condor

Robert Redford One of my favourite films of all time. Obviously not 'all time' as they have only been making movies for less than a century and a quarter, but time enough. Its central premise is that a 'CIA book-reader' (yes he gets paid for reading books so as to uncover plots being hatched around... Continue Reading →

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