Extract from Long Sleep of Covid

“What’s been keeping you,” he asked. “How did you get in here so quickly?” “That was easy when you are so shocked by your own actions. You should have seen your face. Anyone would have thought that you had robbed a bank or something. Did you get a thrill?” I didn’t want to confess, so... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 10

Time was all around them. It had always been and would always be there, ebbing and flowing. The kiosk man knew this as he guarded it. He watched the comings and goings of instants being played and replayed before being played again. The newspapers that never sold, captured headlines of eras that had long fallen... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 9

The nights are cold. There is never enough warmth from the others. There are times when I think that they must not notice me. I walk so close to the walls that I have become accustomed to mixing with shadows. The kiosk man sees me. The boy came on the second night of the falling.... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 8

He came just after dark. I could hear his terrible steps across the city. My world trembled with each footfall.  Tonight, my room had a window to the world and I stood at the cold pane watching the giant’s advance. Each stride was met by fire. Each step an explosion. And I watched as if... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 7

Walls have ears. They listen to everything that happens. They hear love, hate, frustration, happiness and fear. Walls are absorbent. They embrace time and trap it. As I wake, I feel the security of those walls. Nothing gets in and nothing gets out.  The sleeper is lodged beneath wakefulness. I can hear his deep breaths... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 6

“How’s the world treating you today, sir?” I was at the kiosk again and not quite knowing how I got there. That’s the thing with mornings, if you’re not careful they all dissolve into one. Perhaps it’s early onset of something to do with my mind. These days, it’s not working how it once did.... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 5

These dark days I hardly see anyone. There’s shapes and shades and shadows but nothing you could put a label to. Most of them tend to keep to the walls as if touching their way along in the darkness. My little kiosk sits in the middle of the walkway, a shining light during those lonely... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 4

Sleep is an ocean. I woke, I am awake, and standing on a ribbon of sand that has emerged from the expanse of blue nothingness. I do not remember this place or how I was stranded here. For a moment it seems that I am the only person anywhere. I could wade back in if... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 3

The thing about the morning is that it can be trusted. It can be trusted to arrive. It can be relied upon to rid you of the oblivion of sleep and the deception of dreams. I had been awake for quite some time. The bed was warm yet empty of any other. The shower was... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas 2

Are evenings real? I suppose they are, otherwise they wouldn’t have a name. At this time of year, they tend to come suddenly, before, just as quickly, disappearing into the night and the next day. I don’t really know what happens with my evenings. I am aware of getting home from work, often pouring a... Continue Reading →

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