Read After Covid…33

Out of the Woods Before the virus came the winds. They were big buffeting ones that threatened all in their paths. To walk out was to enter the challenge, to be tested. Cars faired no better with their metallic assumptions blown from one side to the other. The floods came before the winds and they... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…32

We have reached that unsettling point in the plague where those things we held up as lights against the darkness have started to flicker and threaten to swallow their own flames. The old Egyptians allowed their Pharaoh to rule absolutely and without any fear of censure. When faced with an invisible deity that came from... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…31

Saturday used to be my favourite day. It was a day of staying in bed until the very last, of drinking lots of tea, having conversations about the news, and indulging in property-porn. For the uninitiated, P-P is looking at foreign properties in France or Spain. By looking at properties for sale, we were there,... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…30

The big three-oh! So reaching this means that we are still in the grip of the virus; IT as I call IT. And still the madness squirms around the world like a bar of soap that is too slippy to hold. In retrospect, believe that I am a little free with my similies as that... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…29

And Thursday is here once again. This day had never meant much in the older world, but now it offers the chance to go forth and mingle, from afar, with your neighbours. People have been coming to their gates to wave at others and to share those very British 'how are you?' coversation openers. If... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…28

The dreams were at me again last night, carrion around roadkill. Most of the dreams just pass on by, like the one I had about the inflatable two-seater aeroplane that came down much too low on the housing estate where I was born and sort of cushioned into some of the hedgerows of a neighbour's... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…27

Last night the dreams came. I had been sleeping deeply for the weeks previous but then they started to creep in, slipping through the small fissures in night's oblivion. I don't always remember them in the detail that I would want - mainly it's just an imprint, a nagging feeling of something that may have... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…26

The winds had been at it all through the night. We were woken by the sound of it buffeting, trees that had stood for decades were relenting. Spring's new hope was facing the rawness of the world. And yet it wasn't the sound of the booming attack but the thoughts of others that kept us... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…25

The numbers resist any hope. They come thick and fast with rising tides. They tell us that we will soon reach the peak, the zenith of ITs destruction, but the dates for reprieve are continually being re-timetabled. IT seems to be winning. People keep catching and people keep dying. If you are admitted to critical... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…24

Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday was a quiet time. The guy they were afraid of had died and, much to everyone's surprise, he had died with his head looking towards the heavens asking God to forgive his murderers. Then there had been a meeting of dark clouds, followed by rain. The rain fallen as... Continue Reading →

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