Spain…The First Time

This one had big clumsy paws that matched her general demeanour and worldly wisdom. She was cute and amusing and my not-yet-wife loved her enormously. The others were called Nestles and Suchard.

Watership Down…For Rabbits

  We have been in two-minds about this for long time. The bloke who wrote about us originally was rather kind, quaint, an English gentleman one might say. So, we let him get away with his liberties.  He depicted us as little creatures who were being spun by man's manic machine of power and control.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Look At Anytime…

My big sister had a profound belief in my madness. She said I had mad eyes and kept shouting out in my dreams. She knew all about the Devil who came looking for me at night and she told as many people as she could about my nocturnal visitations.

Spain…The First Time: Part 2

Breaking dawn (down) on the M62. Sitting on the M62, at its highest point, with flat tyres and a lack of a back-up plan, I thought our dream was over.  "It's a good job that I bought some travel insurance for the journey, isn't it?"  She sat there in her firmament and I sat in... Continue Reading →

A Blow To The Head…

I counted my Prozac tablets this morning and was relieved that there were almost enough to see me through my time here. I have been purposely skipping some of the daily dosage in an attempt to accustom myself to the time when my dependency will cease. I ought to be one of the lunatic fringe, on the run from my own personal defects, but I’m not.

Spain…The First Time

I have had a love-affair with Spain for a very long time. I don't mean the kind of 'one-night-stand' affair that comes with bargain foreign holidays and two weeks of sun, sand and sangria. I hope it has been noted how I cleverly avoided the sex thing, but that is my point: Spain does not... Continue Reading →

It’s Fryday…

Subject A woke up in the middle of darkness and felt for the glass of water at the side of his bed. He found it just as his fingers decided to add some urgency to their search. The resulting action was a slow, slow-motion tipping of the glass and its contents off the bedside table... Continue Reading →

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