A Life In Cars

I would be lying if I said that this was my first car. I wish it had been. But my car was a Ford Escort Mark 2 and, for a time, it was my stallion of the roads. Coming from a non-car owning family meant that I was not accustomed to the ease and freedom... Continue Reading →

A Life In Cars 2

The photograph is like my memory, rather vague and unfocused. At some point my first car let me down. It may have been something and nothing but, as I was enjoying a relatively good wage, I thought I would treat myself to this little number.   I called her Claudette. She was straightforward, confusing, quirky... Continue Reading →

How Things Go…

  Monday morning and I am dropping off my youngest with her cello. As we reach the school gates, I realise that my wife has taken her car to work. I realise, not through the logical paths of realisation, but through the miasma that is the early morning rush to school. "I won't be able... Continue Reading →

The Piper 12

She found Brian, the family Volvo, secreted between a row of newer cars, all glistening with autumn rain. He looked like an eccentric uncle at a family gathering, but she didn't have the heart nor finances to replace him.

Love Thy Neighbour…

     As we are to love ourselves.  Just before Christmas in a sleepy act of reversing out of my drive, in the darkest, dirtiest, dull-throbbing mist of morning, I felt a little something. It barely registered. I must have been traveling at 0.3 mph, but there was a rather muffled obstruction that made me... Continue Reading →

On The Way To The Forum…

Teaching has managed to work its way out of being a skilled occupation and has now reinvented itself as a model of utilitarianism. For a while being a teacher was to be part of some collective adventure, discovering the source of all desire for knowledge, drawing from the spring of enquiry, igniting the first flames... Continue Reading →

How I Use This Blog…

It's nice to come home to the blog at the end of a working day. It's good to sit down and see what has been going on. It's wonderful to enter a world of imagination and self-reflection.  Oh, my lord, I sound like a tree-hugger.  Just got back in from work where I have wrestled... Continue Reading →

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