Love In A Cold Climate…

There are some in this country who say that they like the winter. They say that they agree that the thermostat ought to be allowed to fall and fall, past zero and then more and more. They like the idea of getting wrapped up in warm clothes, either dressing for a skying holiday or as... Continue Reading →

Spain…The First Time: 6

I am sitting at the computer desk, looking out on wet Saturday morning in northern England. The garden is green and there is a hint of the new growth that will make it better. Rain is steadily dripping from on high and the temperature is laid flat at the feet of zero. And yet my... Continue Reading →

Spain…The First Time

This one had big clumsy paws that matched her general demeanour and worldly wisdom. She was cute and amusing and my not-yet-wife loved her enormously. The others were called Nestles and Suchard.

Spain…The First Time: 4

It has to be said that I was talking a certain amount of bullshit, as I later discovered that it was most probably the Basques who attacked the rear-guard so valiantly protected by Roland, he of The Song of Roland and not an abortive attempt at creating a successful follow-up to 'Joe le Taxi' in the pantheon of great French Eurovision winners (pardon the on running sentence).

Spain…The First Time: Part 3

Like an ungrateful son, Claude had swallowed up all of our savings and now he was moaning incessantly. We didn't have a map and relied upon the assistance of road signs to point us towards Granada and our intended destination. Toll roads meant that our smaller funds were being swallowed with equal regularity. The water... Continue Reading →

Spain…The First Time: Part 2

Breaking dawn (down) on the M62. Sitting on the M62, at its highest point, with flat tyres and a lack of a back-up plan, I thought our dream was over.  "It's a good job that I bought some travel insurance for the journey, isn't it?"  She sat there in her firmament and I sat in... Continue Reading →

A Blow To The Head…

I counted my Prozac tablets this morning and was relieved that there were almost enough to see me through my time here. I have been purposely skipping some of the daily dosage in an attempt to accustom myself to the time when my dependency will cease. I ought to be one of the lunatic fringe, on the run from my own personal defects, but I’m not.

Spain…The First Time

I have had a love-affair with Spain for a very long time. I don't mean the kind of 'one-night-stand' affair that comes with bargain foreign holidays and two weeks of sun, sand and sangria. I hope it has been noted how I cleverly avoided the sex thing, but that is my point: Spain does not... Continue Reading →

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