Epilogue 1

In her dreams, Elizabeth was on the ward that had consumed her life. It had not burnt to the ground as she knew it had many years ago, but was intact and filled with the confused slumber of its patients. The book she had been reading was open at the page where she had fallen... Continue Reading →

The Piper 64

There was silence between them as they pulled on the cords. They were pulling their own weight and that was a task. They were working in darkness with a shaft of vague light indicating their destination. They toiled knowing that every moment counted. Muscles ached and burned until, at last, they reached the hatch. Michael... Continue Reading →

The Piper 61

Flowers’ plan appeared to be moving like clockwork. However, whilst the assembled school was being moved towards the basement, Chris, Michael and Mr Hunter were moving along the underground passages. Their intention was clear; they would somehow smuggle out the captives. The one part of the plan that did not bear up to scrutiny was... Continue Reading →

Books Mature Inside Some Of Us

Saffron Alexander Author Kazuo Ishiguro, suggests many novelists peak in their youth and once said: "There’s something very misleading about the literary culture that looks at writers in their 30s and calls them ‘budding’ or ‘promising,’ when in fact they’re peaking." Contrarily, a recent study from Blinkbox revealed that most authors do in fact get their... Continue Reading →

The Piper 50

Like Christopher, Peter woke to sunshine. Only a whisper of a dream remained of the night.  A heat lay upon him, a heat that he had never felt before. It was strong and dry and the air about him was strewn with rays catching the dust paths of naked earth. He lay on a straw... Continue Reading →

The Piper 49

Everything that The Piper had promised was beginning to come true. Okay, that Andrews kid was still on the run and they had missed the bloke he had sent Podrall to capture, but everything else seemed to be going great. The city was alive with mayhem. Gangs were rising up and taking control. The new... Continue Reading →

Here Come The Holidays

After a year of blogging, I am taking three-weeks off to cycle in France. There, I will also be writing, but not blogging.    The Piper will conclude on my return. Mike

The Piper 46

The sound of feet had receded. The shouting was being swallowed up by the night, leaving Pete to breathe deeply. For the first time in his life, he felt terrified. He had never been in such a situation before and had been fortunate that the stupidity of his would-be attackers had given him those few... Continue Reading →

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