Richard The Third And CarPark Tickets

In 2012, archaeologists and researchers began excavating beneath a carpark in Leicester, hoping to find Richard's final resting place. The search captured the public's imagination and the remains subsequently found were confirmed as those of Richard. Researches are now not only able to calculate the true extent of his deformity, but are also able to... Continue Reading →

I Read This And Think You Should.

Konstantin Lukin PHD The Man Cave Psychology Today   When you think of the term “self-care,” a woman in a bathrobe lighting candles and painting her toenails might come to mind. While this may seem amazing to some, most men would probably have different desires. The truth is, men need to work especially hard to... Continue Reading →

The Last Ride…

I suppose the point is the same point that that type of god has been making for the whole of time; we are mayflies caught up in a dreadful eternity of summer promises. 

The Place Where Time Goes…

Eighteen years ago, my middle daughter was born. It was a momentous day and the sun was shining as if in confirmation.  She was born sometime in the early evening after delaying her entry to the world, in the way a seasoned performer delays their re-entrences on stage to garner the applause of a grateful... Continue Reading →


I have no power. I am merely a supply and that is a lower order of the lowest caste known to educational institutes. Regardless of that, I am a good teacher. I am a good teacher. I am a good teacher.

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