Harper Lee, a pretty decent effort…

Jem was dead.  Harper Lee did not publish after her classic American tale. It was a novel that affected millions and caught the zeitgeist of a nation and a world in transition. It was a novel that our teachers felt needed to be read so, even in the grey climate of sixties' Northern England, shrouded... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name? Oz Katerji

Last night I got an irate call from a disgruntled Jewish anarchist. Although this is not an unusual occurrence for me, this call was slightly out of the ordinary. “F**king Jeremy Corbyn is here,” they exclaimed. “Where?” I asked, expecting a thoroughly mundane answer. The response, however, was anything but mundane. “The Jewdas Seder!” The... Continue Reading →

How I Use This Blog…

It's nice to come home to the blog at the end of a working day. It's good to sit down and see what has been going on. It's wonderful to enter a world of imagination and self-reflection.  Oh, my lord, I sound like a tree-hugger.  Just got back in from work where I have wrestled... Continue Reading →

From The Piper Book 3…

Michael was too lost in the suddenness of events to truly understand what he was seeing. His first thought was that he would soon be dead; dead to this world and dead to any other. This was still to some extent a dream, but it was a real dream. The bullets that had whizzed past... Continue Reading →

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