Tripping Over Milestones…

Milestones. Coming back from mental illness has its milestones. I have met many of these along the way and have touched them as I have gone past. Most say that I’m pointing in the right direction. They pat me on the back as reassurance that I am on the right road and, indeed, I am... Continue Reading →

So Far, So Good…Please Check It Out.

This is just me pestering y'all for a little peak into my book. You can get a sample for free.  If you enjoy it I would really appreciate that you share or write a review.   Read After Burnout. com: Adventures In Everyday Madness byMike Evans Format: Kindle Edition|Change Price:£2.98   5.0 out of 5... Continue Reading →

Turn Of The Wheel

It's been almost a year since I finished my first journey of recovery and discovery. I thought that it had all gone amazingly well and that my life was set for a new and adventurous course that would be fuelled by writing. I'm still puttng in the fuel , but my life is still in the... Continue Reading →

Storm Clouds

The last lesson of the day arrives with an uncertain outlook. The crew of Prometheus always know that there are three critical moments for the outcome of a lesson: At the start of the lesson. At the end of the lesson. During the lesson. Friday's flotsam was beginning to wash up outside of the classroom.... Continue Reading →

Little Factorising Equations…

Men in their late fifties often make bad decisions. Paul Theroux  So, with the world of decision-making behind me, I stood in front a group of young learners. I walked into the classroom and was met with the same kind of noise I would have expected a Christian to hear as he was thrown into... Continue Reading →

All Writing Is Rewriting…

Keep that thought. Keep it in the sunlight. Keep it as a commandment. There have been times down the decades when I have written something that I have considered as close to perfection as I could get. Being perfect, I placed it in the sarcophagus of almost forgotten memories only for me to stumble upon... Continue Reading →

The Place Where Time Goes…

Eighteen years ago, my middle daughter was born. It was a momentous day and the sun was shining as if in confirmation.  She was born sometime in the early evening after delaying her entry to the world, in the way a seasoned performer delays their re-entrences on stage to garner the applause of a grateful... Continue Reading →

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