Are You Burning Out?

Signs of burnout: · You are exhausted all the time, no matter how many hours you spend in bed · A sense of isolation from other people, and even from yourself, to the extent of becoming a virtual recluse · Ineffectual, no matter how much work you put in · A feeling of emotional deadness... Continue Reading →

Read After Burnout Review from Goodreads.

    I was extremely pleased to read this:   An Educator Burns Out, Loses The Pieces Of His Sanity, Finds Those Pieces And Uses Them To Recontruct A New Self. With great humor and raw honesty the author takes us through his disillusionment, his depression and aniexty. His journey through medications and discovery of... Continue Reading →

The Piper 44

Liam sat expecting the worst. Today should have been the day when he had taken care of old business. It should have been easy with the city in so much disorder. But, things had not turned out that way. The Andrews boy was not the pushover that he had been led to believe; he had... Continue Reading →

The Piper 38

  The last of the afternoon light was starting its retreat from the school. “And let’s think about what we have learnt today,” concluded Mr Hunter from the front of the room. “Hitler and his Nazis did fail. His regime finally buckled under the combined weight of the Allied Forces. Like similar regimes throughout history,... Continue Reading →

The Piper 26

He had found solace in doing this work and had met people who were as forgotten as he was. None of the men he worked with ever talked about their personal histories. The business of the supermarket, and the ordinary goings on, was the staple of all their conversations. This was a place that he... Continue Reading →

The Piper 25

It had been at the hospital, Fairfields. Fairfields was where it had all begun. Laura could remember, she could remember it as if it had happened moments ago. There had been the panicked search for Michael who had disappeared from the car and could not be found. She remembered the deathly chill that had rushed... Continue Reading →

The Piper 24

In the first moments of consciousness, Mr Hunter stared blindly into the pitch black. He reached for the bedside lamp and his fingers fumbled for the switch. Finally, its harsh light swept across the bedroom and completed the brutality of his awakening. He had been lifted from waters whose dark undertow had threatened to take... Continue Reading →

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