The Piper 24

In the first moments of consciousness, Mr Hunter stared blindly into the pitch black. He reached for the bedside lamp and his fingers fumbled for the switch. Finally, its harsh light swept across the bedroom and completed the brutality of his awakening. He had been lifted from waters whose dark undertow had threatened to take... Continue Reading →

Tripping Over Milestones…

Milestones. Coming back from mental illness has its milestones. I have met many of these along the way and have touched them as I have gone past. Most say that I’m pointing in the right direction. They pat me on the back as reassurance that I am on the right road and, indeed, I am... Continue Reading →

None But The Brave

I was looking through the news this morning and found yet another story about a famous person who has suffered from mental issues. The guy was a sportsman, a top-class goalkeeper, who nose-dived into that pit of despair and anxiety that seems to be affecting more and more of the ‘normal’ population. Because of his... Continue Reading →

The Piper 18

Thinking about it later, Graham Hunter could not quite work out the series of events that had brought him to this stage. He knew that his initial promptings had been concerned with the mythical NuNation and had spent that evening a few weeks before trying to find its existence. To his current knowledge, he had... Continue Reading →

On Hard Nipples And Followers

  It struck me yesterday (on my way to the forum), not a hard nipple but an idea. Or should I say the beginnings of an idea which was not really an idea but a thought. The thought was, would it be the right thing to do to have somebody with hardened nipples follow me... Continue Reading →

On Your Bike!

I was out on my bike this morning intending just to enjoy a little summer sunshine. As I was cycling along that breath of wellbeing suffused my soul. Cycling is simple, just turn the pedals and enjoy the countryside. I had been doing moderately well as I climbed hills and dashed down dales. This was... Continue Reading →

So Far, So Good…Please Check It Out.

This is just me pestering y'all for a little peak into my book. You can get a sample for free.  If you enjoy it I would really appreciate that you share or write a review.   Read After Burnout. com: Adventures In Everyday Madness byMike Evans Format: Kindle Edition|Change Price:£2.98   5.0 out of 5... Continue Reading →

The Importance Of Life (Jackets)

From Read After Burnout. com It is easy when you are beaten, he thought. I never knew how easy it was. And what beat you, he thought. ‘Nothing,’ he said aloud. ‘I went out too far.’  Ernest Hemingway   The Old Man and The Sea   I first read this book when I was about fourteen... Continue Reading →

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