The Summer Of 76…

FOR ENGLAND AND MY MEMORIES, THAT WAS THE HOTTEST SUMMER THAT I CAN REMEMBER. IT REMAINS TALL AS STANDPIPES GUSHING FOUNTAINS OF MEMORIES INTO BUCKETS AND BOWLS. The whole of the street would meet every morning and evening to quench their needs. The clear stuff was rationed to an hour during each of these times,... Continue Reading →

A Morsel More

Something else was among them. Its sound, as it planted ancient feet upon the floor, indicated that it walked like a man. Alongside it, ran the first of the notes from a flute. She recognised the sound as the one that had been in the darkness for sometime now. She had heard it coming from... Continue Reading →

A Taste Of Things To Come

The screams had dissolved. They had petered out into near silent pleas and prayers. She had waited, fixed like a butterfly pinned into a glass case, a recording, playing the only prayer she knew, ran on and on inside her mind. Lord keep us safe this night Secure from all our fears… But they had... Continue Reading →

Changing Over

The dreams came with the persistence of flies. The operator in charge of emergency services had been having the same dreams, night after night. These, he believed, had recurred too often to have been a fluke. In this dream, the city was clean. The normal polluting buzz of the everyday had gone. The city had... Continue Reading →

Why I Still Blog

I started blogging as a way to tell the story of my journey back from burnout. My first few days were astronomical with hundreds of views and likes. Then, as the tale became more than an instant hit of somebody else's mental misfortune, views fell away quicker than flies on a drying turd. For a... Continue Reading →

The Piper 65 Passover

Laura and her son sat in the car still catching their breath. They had managed to put some distance between themselves and the schoolbefore it blew. The force of the explosion had taken them off their feet. “No injuries, Michael?” He looked at himself briefly and shook his head. “You?” “No, Michael, I’m fine. Where... Continue Reading →

Creative Differences Bond

Differences divide us. They unite us. They define us.  My first James Bond film was Diamonds Are Forever. I was taken to see it by my father. Sean Connery was doing his last outing in the role and Plenty O'Toole first appeared as a rather blunt double entendre. "Named after your father, I suppose?" I... Continue Reading →

A Life In Cars

I would be lying if I said that this was my first car. I wish it had been. But my car was a Ford Escort Mark 2 and, for a time, it was my stallion of the roads. Coming from a non-car owning family meant that I was not accustomed to the ease and freedom... Continue Reading →

A Life In Cars 2

The photograph is like my memory, rather vague and unfocused. At some point my first car let me down. It may have been something and nothing but, as I was enjoying a relatively good wage, I thought I would treat myself to this little number.   I called her Claudette. She was straightforward, confusing, quirky... Continue Reading →

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