The Piper 6

Liam could not remember when he had last slept. Maybe it had been years as he could not recall ever having slipped from the paltry reality of the world of waking. What he did know was that when others chose to close their eyes, he wandered. Everything had taken place as he had been told.... Continue Reading →

W T F …

Tuesdays have never been my favourite since the days when it always seemed that I had dental appointment at this particular time of the week. The dentists in those days were unredeemed psychopaths who enjoyed administering pain to the achingly unsuspecting. Making school children do the backwards-crab as they tried to climb out of the... Continue Reading →

Stephen Hawking…and beyond

My wife told me that Stephen Hawking had died during the early hours of this morning. She was scrolling the news whilst we sat in bed with our cups of tea.  It was a death that did not shock. It had been predicted for the best part of forty years. His life had become something... Continue Reading →

How I Use This Blog…

It's nice to come home to the blog at the end of a working day. It's good to sit down and see what has been going on. It's wonderful to enter a world of imagination and self-reflection.  Oh, my lord, I sound like a tree-hugger.  Just got back in from work where I have wrestled... Continue Reading →

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