Exercise and Exorcise

Sunday morning has come around again; much too quickly. It came with two possibilities: a passive, meaningless stretch of twenty-four hours or a moment seized and gently squeezed of its goodness. We chose the latter. After a two year battle with the world, I appear to be content. Contentment is so different from its superficial cousin,... Continue Reading →

Checking Out My History

  There's a woman I know who had an idea for a book. She entered a competition for 'Women of Substance' with this idea, and only this idea. She won and got a book deal. The book was written by both the publishers and her with the publishers doing an inordinate amount of research. She... Continue Reading →

Are You Burning Out?

Signs of burnout: · You are exhausted all the time, no matter how many hours you spend in bed · A sense of isolation from other people, and even from yourself, to the extent of becoming a virtual recluse · Ineffectual, no matter how much work you put in · A feeling of emotional deadness... Continue Reading →

On Hard Nipples And Followers

  It struck me yesterday (on my way to the forum), not a hard nipple but an idea. Or should I say the beginnings of an idea which was not really an idea but a thought. The thought was, would it be the right thing to do to have somebody with hardened nipples follow me... Continue Reading →

On Your Bike!

I was out on my bike this morning intending just to enjoy a little summer sunshine. As I was cycling along that breath of wellbeing suffused my soul. Cycling is simple, just turn the pedals and enjoy the countryside. I had been doing moderately well as I climbed hills and dashed down dales. This was... Continue Reading →

So Far, So Good…Please Check It Out.

This is just me pestering y'all for a little peak into my book. You can get a sample for free.  If you enjoy it I would really appreciate that you share or write a review.   Read After Burnout. com: Adventures In Everyday Madness byMike Evans Format: Kindle Edition|Change Price:£2.98   5.0 out of 5... Continue Reading →

How Things Go…

  Monday morning and I am dropping off my youngest with her cello. As we reach the school gates, I realise that my wife has taken her car to work. I realise, not through the logical paths of realisation, but through the miasma that is the early morning rush to school. "I won't be able... Continue Reading →

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